For our plants to flourish, our world needs to thrive too.
Greenwood Plants is improving its carbon footprint with G-Cycle – and you can too.

Greenwood is getting Greener

Here at Greenwood Plants, we pride ourselves on doing all we can to bring out the best in our plants. We take time to nurture the environment they grow in, ensuring the right growing conditions for top quality plants. Our care extends right up until dispatch, ensuring they arrive with our clients in prime condition. With G-Cycle, we’re taking this care even further by recycling both packing crates and pots after delivery, leading to a healthier world for our plants, our clients and our future.

Our Mission

Greenwood’s mission is making life straightforward for our clients by providing the complete sustainable landscape package. G-Cycle is our latest innovation for increased sustainability and reduced costs for clients.

Our nurseries grow large numbers of trees, shrubs and other plants which are major positive carbon contributors, and we’ve been reusing and recycling for a long time – but at Greenwood we like to think big. We’re extending the reach of our ‘green’ fingers so that while we improve our own carbon footprint, we’ll be helping our clients to do the same. With the G-Cycle scheme our clients will reduce waste and maximise recycling, improving their green credentials with no extra effort, because Greenwood Plants is doing all the heavy lifting.

Zero Waste

We ensure the materials we use are reused, wherever possible; that’s why we use durable wooden crates and pallets. From July 2021 there will be an initial upfront cost for the packing crates and pallets supplied, but once you sign up to the G-Cycling scheme, you will be reimbursed with a credit note for 100% of that value* after the crates and pallets are collected. There will be no cost impact for clients if all supplied crates and pallets are returned.

As an added bonus, we’ll also take away any pots left in the crates, saving you the work hours and costs of waste disposal. Pots will be reused, reducing plastic waste and giving your company an edge in an environmentally aware market. All we ask is that no rubbish remains in the crates – pots only please.

*Packaging will need to be in a reusable condition and free from general rubbish and other materials

How G-Cycling works

G-Cycle scheme is a fuss-free pick-up of your packing materials (wooden crates and pallets) after the safe delivery of your plants. Greenwood will refund 100% of the invoiced packaging costs to your Greenwood account via a credit note to use against your
next order.
The minimum collection amount is 10 crates or 30 pallets. Greenwood Group will also recycle your plant pots if they are stowed within the crates. What’s more, we’ll even take away your non-Greenwood pallets and crates for 50% of the Greenwood charge (excluding turf pallets). Ideally, these should be collated at your yard for frequent collections.
Horticulture businesses are striving to reduce their carbon footprint and green credentials can make the difference when it comes to tenders. The G-Cycle scheme offers a helping hand with no effort on your part beyond arranging collection and collating materials at your preferred pick-up point.
Once the collection is complete, you will receive a credit note to use against future orders. Credit notes are issued on a monthly basis.


Will you still collect and refund damaged crates?

We may collect damaged crates, but this and any credit receipt will be at the discretion of the driver.

Are refunds only available in credit?

We refund 100% of cost of the number of crates collected; currently this is only available as credit on clients’ accounts. Our driver will issue paperwork at the time of collection, requiring a client signature. 

Are there any fees for the G-Cycle service?

If the crates contain any waste other than plastic pots, a surcharge of £10 per crate/pallet will be charged for cleaning and rubbish disposal.

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¹ See our Privacy Policy here